Wednesday, April 20, 2022


NEW LOOK to Zoombucks!

We are back after a break of four years and we are happy to announce that we are better than before. While this may seem like a big claim, the purpose of this post is to fully discuss what actually makes us better. In search of really rewarding online sites that are really fruitful, we decided to expand our game into the following areas.

Advanced survey payments for faster cash payments

Answering the survey should be worth your time and effort, so we're sure you've got fair compensation for them. As a result, our survey payments have increased significantly, allowing for faster cash payments. We're talking 80% more on average with the Zoombucks survey than anyone else! Their points are always listed in our survey, so you can find out now how much you earn in a survey.

And now it's easier than ever to cash in - at just 3 for a minimum limit! You can request PayPal payment as well as earn 3,000 points, which means you can expect your reward within 48 business hours.

Hundreds of prize options around the world!

Zoombucks now has over 150 (and counting!) Rewards options, so you have a great menu to choose from. You can choose to pay in cash via PayPal or Skrill, or from hundreds of gift cards - be it for gaming, shopping, or the app of your choice. Some users' favorite prizes include gift cards for Amazon, Target, eBay, GAP, Walmart, Fortnite, Steam, Google Play, iTunes, and more. What’s more, anyone in the world can sign up for Zoombucks for free and be rewarded for easy, to-do tasks.

We're still adding rewards when we talk, so be careful with them!

What’s more, reliable survey providers and day-to-day work

Zoombucks only works with trusted survey providers and partners. This has resulted in some maximum payment for the survey, thanks to these legitimate companies that value your opinion about their products and services. Our survey providers include more than 20 popular daily and unlimited survey routers, including your survey, live sample, global test market, and much more. In addition, we have a number of survey walls - Pinatlabs, Taparisarch, Revenueval, Theomerich, Siso Rewards, and Polish.

You can also choose to meet offers from our legitimate and high-paying partners. Some of these are Acorns, Edgegate, AdWall, Fiber, Grab Rewards, Offertoro, RadiumOne, Revenue Universe, Persona, TrialPay, and Wall Ads. Sign up for your favorites, and choose paid or non-paid trial offers to test apps, visit websites, and even take cashback offers! We have hundreds of direct offers and apps. The more offers you get, the more you earn.

The third best way to monetize our partner companies is to watch their videos. Basically, these partners advertise and pay Zoombucks to ensure that their advertising is confirmed to users like themselves. So when you watch videos from companies like Adscend, Jun, and GrabRewards videos, you can start earning points and redeem them for your favorite prize in return.

A live feed in the member area for viewing credit anywhere in the world

Now we've made it a little easier for you to track your (and other users') earnings in Zoombucks

We have a live feed on our home page that lets users see which offers from different countries around the world are being credited in real-time. You'll see which rewards have been redeemed the most, and which tasks have just been completed (plus how many points have been earned per task).

Again, welcome to the new Zoombucks, and we hope you enjoy your location here!


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